Hello and welcome to Blackdown Design, we are based in Somerset UK, famous for our delicious apple cider. My name is Daniel Kemp and i started the company in the winter of 2016. I have over ten years experience in the design industry working on a range of projects from architecture to boat design. I got into design from an early age, building my first website at the age of 12, it wasn’t the most aesthetically pleasing but everyone has got to start somewhere right?! Since then I have continued to grow my skills in design & programming aided by software like Solidworks, AutoCAD, Revit, Lumion, Photoshop, Keyshot, Tinycad and Express PCB. I won’t go on any longer as I’m sure nobody reads these things. See below some of previous fields i have worked in, if you have any questions please contact me.

·        Electronics Prototyping, Programming & PCB Design

·        CAD/CAM for Parts Manufacturing & Concepts

·        Marine Boat Design & Bespoke Part/Fabrications

·        Residential & Commercial Architecture

·        Graphical Design for Brochures, Business Cards & Logos

·        Website HTML & CSS Programming